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Tuesday, February 2nd was a special day as representatives from the Bob Mayberry Foundation made our official 2015 donation of $70,000 for lung cancer research at MD Anderson in Houston.

Thank you to all sponsors, donors, volunteers and everyone committed to beating this disease and bettering the lives of cancer patients living with it.

Please know from the bottom of our hearts, we are so grateful for your donations. Our work goes to these magnificent moments and nothing– nothing would have delighted Bob more than knowing his legacy is strong and a BIG impact is being made.

We appreciate you all and confidently know 2016 will be even better.

~ Diane Judah-Mayberry, Founder



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The 2015 Black & White Gala, the Bob Mayberry Foundation’s biggest night of the year, was a rousing success October 24th at the Lakeway Resort & Spa.

A GIANT, SINCERE THANK YOU to all of the attendees, donors, supporters, sponsors and volunteers for making this night a magical one to benefit MD Anderson’s research for lung cancer.

The weather here in Austin wasn’t perfect. But the setting was, as Diane Judah-Mayberry and friends, family, and guests celebrated the life of Bob Mayberry, John Joseph “Joe” Cresto, and Russell Caraway.

Make a date to attend in person- next year!



The Bob Mayberry Foundation Board of Directors

Lovely Jan Busby (right, below) was the lucky raffle winner

of the magnificent black and white diamond pendant

by custom jeweler Mike Hutton of Mike Hutton Jewelry.


Shocked and so very excited, this thrill happened to come on her anniversary. What a gift!




The speech by Ellen Cresto Heflin, in honor of a dear friend to the

Bob Mayberry Foundation- John Joseph “Joe” Cresto

Read it here: Ellen’s Mayberry Foundation Speech

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 2.53.46 PM

If you would like to give to the Bob Mayberry Foundation

to benefit MD Anderson’s research for Lung Cancer,

please click here:




The Bob Mayberry Foundation began as a celebration of the robust life of Bob Mayberry. He lived life to the fullest, was as strong in character as he was physically, and led an inspirational fight against lung cancer. To date, the Bob Mayberry Foundation has been successful raising over $260,000 to fund lung cancer research at MD Anderson in Houston, TX. Our organization might be small, but with our big hearts, our power is mighty!

We hold an annual fundraiser inculding a dinner, dancing and live/silent auctions to celebrate the life of our beloved Bob and raise money for lung cancer research. Our organization could not thrive without the support of our incredible sponsors or the help of our wonderful volunteers who have worked countless hours under the guidance of Diane Judah-Mayberry.

MD Anderson Cancer Center

For More Information about the Bob Mayberry Foundation please contact: Diane Judah-Mayberry at (703-623-7280).