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Continue the Fight Against Lung Cancer


“Thank you everyone for your loyalty and love for the Bob Mayberry Foundation. Though we’re no longer an active organization, the fight against lung cancer continues through the hard work of the Rexanna’s Foundation. I encourage you to donate to their efforts as they help find a cure. Please click on this link to take you to their page:

We are so honored they have started a very special Research Grant in Bob’s name:

Bob’s legacy lives on through all of us. He would have been so proud to see all that was accomplished in his name through his family and the communities he adored. I’m grateful for your friendship all of these years and appreciate everything you’ve done to honor Bob. 

-Diane Judah Mayberry

The Bob Mayberry Foundation began as a celebration of the robust life of Bob Mayberry. He lived life to the fullest, was as strong in character as he was physically, and led an inspirational fight against lung cancer. The Bob Mayberry Foundation was successful raising over $500,000 to fund Lung Cancer research at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX. Our organization thrived due to the support of our incredible sponsors and the help of our wonderful volunteers. All worked countless hours over the 10 years this charity was active under founder Diane Judah-Mayberry.


MD Anderson Cancer Center


For More Information about the Bob Mayberry Foundation please contact: Diane Judah-Mayberry at (703-623-7280).